Content diet for artists: what I read, watch, & consume

I’ve felt the pain of information overload many times. A content diet for artists is a powerful thing — it dictates how you spend lots of your time. So, I’ve thought about how to manage the firehose of content.

Here’s what I actually follow and consume. Seeing it can help you think about your own content diet and its implications for artists like us:


Business podcasts

Local: Metro Vancouver / BC music podcasts

Other music podcasts

Other topic podcasts

  • Local/provincial politics — Leg-In-Boot Media shows: Politicoast, Cambie Report
  • Hockey — SDPN shows: The Steve Dangle Podcast, The Chris Johnston Show, Agent Provocateur

YouTube & Bandcamp



To see whom I follow on Bandcamp, visit my fan account, I’m also will on Buy Music Club.


You can get articles from websites in a feed just like podcasts, and I use that heavily!

I’m working on a better way to handle my feed-reading. I’ll update when I’ve got something going on.

High on the list is Strong Towns for sure.

Other things

I’m aware of how we need great information to succeed. We need to stay informed.

I asked a music professional in the Ampled Discord about what media she consumes. The answer? Music Business Worldwide and Cherie Hu’s Twitter. Some other people in the Discord lauded fellow member David Turner for Penny Fractions, too.

In the pre-internet music business, we could take jobs without reading broadly, beyond our own work. Our employers did that reading instead of us.

Music education trained us for certain jobs, but it didn’t teach us how to manage the firehose of modern industry information.

The issue is more than just managing your time — it’s also the knowledge that you’ll need to improve your work in the future.

What’s coming into your life through your content diet?

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