Lutin: the Rhythm Changes Podcast theme music


“Lutin” is my single from Quartet Reunion, an EP that I released in February 2021.

I made it the theme music for the Rhythm Changes Podcast because it was the first audio track I ever released.

It’s also the first track for which I got 1000 Spotify streams.

Selections from Quartet Reunion liner notes about “Lutin”

“Lutin” was the first tune that Chernoff wrote in the inspiration phase of the April 2019 reunion session. He combined parts of his roots, like his early love of Herbie Hancock tunes, when looking for the instrumental sounds of this tune and arrangement. The sound evokes outer space, a theme that Chernoff continued to explore when creating the next several art pieces and characters for Chernoff’s singles.

“Lutin” celebrates Jonny Tobin’s role in Chernoff’s music. When Tobin worked on the Aim to Stay sessions, he played grand piano and, in the time since, he has grown into a career as a first-call R&B instrumentalist on keyboard and synthesizers. Though “Lutin” is definitely jazz and not R&B, Tobin’s keyboard sound and improvisational style allude to the music now at the centre of his career. Chernoff will always remember that Tobin made time for his music even while Tobin’s wheelhouse evolved beyond what Chernoff could offer.

– Victoria Cowan 


  • All music written by William Ross Chernoff (SOCAN)
  • William Chernoff – bass guitar
  • Thad Bailey-Mai – trumpet
  • Jonny Tobin – piano
  • Carson Tworow – drums
  • Produced by William Chernoff
  • Recorded at Demitone Productions in Vancouver, BC by David Sikula on April 15th, 2019
  • Mixed by David Sikula
  • Mastered at Railtown Mastering in Vancouver, BC by Andrew Downton
  • Art by Nicole M. Shewchuk
  • Design and layout by Wordplay Creative

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