NWSS Open Rehearsal

NWSS Open Rehearsal

William Chernoff Quintet

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About the band

The William Chernoff Quintet is a creative, improvising music group led by bassist Will Chernoff. Born and raised in New Westminster, BC, Will is known for his original instrumental compositions and for playing electric bass on the Vancouver scene as a bandleader. The quintet performs brand-new music by Will alongside the repertoire of his two albums to date.

Will Chernoff

Thad Bailey-Mai is a rising trumpeter, "part of the new breed: highly literate in complex music, flush with thoughtful ideas" (Rhythm Changes). Thad has earned recent renown as a composer-leader of his own quartet, as well as for his contribution to the David Blake album Fun House (Cellar Music).

Thad Bailey-Mai

Nebyu Yohannes is an accomplished trombonist and songwriter who has performed from Toronto to Ethiopia, and Western Canada through the United States. His credits include groups like Quique Escamilla, We Are All, Makes Shapes, and more ensembles representing music from around the world. He also plays as a solo artist.

Nebyu Yohannes

Guitarist Madeleine Elkins works at the crossroads of jazz-influenced music, folk, and rock, featuring the dual elements of electric and acoustic guitar. She is a vital musician for a new array of BC-grown, female-fronted acts, including the Sister Jazz Orchestra big band, up-and-coming folk singer Madelyn Read, and many more.

Madeleine Elkins

Drummer Miles Wong excels with improvising and beat-driven art forms, merging the force of the acoustic drum kit with the adaptive sensibility of electronic music. As a side musician, his playing covers everything from the David Lavoie Quartet's post-bop album Juno (Inner Ocean Records) to the alternative R&B artist Dacey.

Miles Wong