Will Chernoff lessons teaching

I offer music lessons and tutoring independently, both online and based in Metro Vancouver, BC, including any of these instruments and practices:

  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar
  • double bass
  • electric bass
  • notation, harmony, and rhythm tutoring for ear-trained musicians
  • music theory-focused tutoring on any instrument
  • music post-secondary prep for high school students
"Will Chernoff is the best bassist […] He’ll teach you any song you’d like, as well as everything you could ever need to know about theory." -Armen B., bass guitar (lessons)
"Will has been able to heighten my skill as a musician […] My lessons have always felt flexible and easygoing, giving me a great step up in preparing me for jazz school." -Clayton P., trumpet (music tutoring)
"Lessons with Will have helped me understand jazz theory on a whole new level! His teaching style is fantastic." -Ted K., trombone (music tutoring)

I have been teaching lessons & tutoring since the start of my professional career, always eager to share skills and knowledge with younger students. I’ve taught multiple students independently non-stop since the fall of 2014.

My specialty has been to work with teenagers on bass and guitar from absolute-beginner to a capable performance level, usually along with their music class at school. Through this, I’ve helped many students excel in music school, perform in bands, and play in worship & church ensembles. But I've enjoyed interacting with all ages and a variety of other student paths too!

Why teach independently? It’s easier and less stressful when we communicate directly, instead of you going through the hassle of booking with a music store’s lesson centre or a music academy.

Other need-to-knows:

  • Standard booking period: quarterly, advance payment by 3-months of the calendar year
  • Standard rate: 65 CAD per 1-hour
  • Ask if interested in: shorter trial periods, 45 CAD per half-hour option

Reach out today to book William Chernoff for music lessons.

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