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Photo: Sapalo Shafooli

Hi, I’m Will Chernoff! I’m a Canadian jazz bassist from New Westminster, British Columbia, playing my original instrumental compositions on the Vancouver music scene.

Check out my latest album, Maybe Eventually by William Chernoff, with Francis Henson on guitar and Carson Tworow on drums:

Jazz musician

Check out this rundown of all 17 shows I played in 2023 to get an idea of where I've been performing. Currently, I stick to the electric bass, but upright bass has been a big part of my playing career.

My current band is a quintet with Thad Bailey-Mai on trumpet, Nebyu Yohannes on trombone, Madeleine Elkins on guitar, and Miles Wong on drums.

I've been active as a jazz musician since the release of my first album Aim to Stay in 2020.

Places I've played include the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Frankie's Jazz Club, and more – covering pretty much every jazz venue in my region.

A bit about my background

  • I do a website in my local jazz scene called Rhythm Changes
  • I have a non-music day job; previously, I was in a folk band and worked at multiple non-profit arts organizations and record labels
  • I release my recorded work under the Chernoff Music label

It’s great to have you here!