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Photo: Ilhan Saferali

Hi, I’m Will Chernoff! I’m a Canadian jazz bassist from New Westminster, British Columbia. Check out my latest album, Maybe Eventually by William Chernoff.

Playing and teaching

Currently, I play in a jazz trio with Francis Henson on guitar and Carson Tworow on drums.

I made my latest album with the trio, thanks to a FACTOR Artist Development grant. Find my first album Aim to Stay and my other recordings wherever you stream music, or get them on Bandcamp.

I also teach music lessons independently online.


Online, I’m known for writing about being a jazz musician, for an audience of other artists.

My most-read article about how I got on a Spotify editorial playlist for the first time has been viewed by thousands of people worldwide. I have a warm relationship with Jazzfuel and enjoy spending time in that website's community.

I love to help artists learn!

Other things by William Chernoff

  • I do jazz and creative music journalism at my own blog, Rhythm Changes.
  • I’m the co-host (with Cory Weeds) and producer of Jazz Office Hours, a business-focused Q&A podcast for jazz musicians and students.
  • My day job is at a small record label. Previously, I was in a band and worked at a non-profit arts organization, each for several years.

It’s great to have you here!