William Chernoff

Hi, I’m Will Chernoff! I’m a Canadian jazz bassist from New Westminster, British Columbia. Check out my latest EP, Hometown by William Chernoff.

Playing and teaching

Currently, I play in a jazz trio with Francis Henson on guitar and Carson Tworow on drums.

My next project is an EP for late 2022 with Francis and Carson, thanks to a FACTOR Artist Development grant.

My first album, Aim to Stay, released in 2020. Find my recordings wherever you stream music, get them on Bandcamp, or find even more on Ampled.

Music lessons

I have taught music lessons since 2014, independently and now delivered online.

I teach all of these instruments and practices:

  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar
  • double bass
  • electric bass
  • notation, harmony, and rhythm for ear-trained musicians
  • jazz tutoring on any instrument
  • music post-secondary prep for high school students

My specialty has been to work with teenagers on bass and guitar from absolute-beginner to a capable performance level, usually along with their music class at school. Through this, I’ve helped many students excel in music school, perform in bands, and play in worship & church ensembles.

If any of the above sounds like you, reach out today.


Online, I’m best known for writing about music streaming to fellow jazz artists. My most-read article about how I got on a Spotify editorial playlist has been viewed by thousands of people worldwide.

I have a warm relationship with Jazzfuel; my most popular article on that website is a comparison of music distributors. I love to help artists learn and set-up their operations.

Other things by William Chernoff

  • I’m the author of Rhythm Changes, a music journalism website about creative music in Canada.
  • Previously, I worked in the non-profit arts sector at North Shore Celtic Ensemble from 2014 to 2020.
  • Before I was a solo artist, I co-founded a band called Early Spirit and toured Canadian folk festivals from 2018 to 2020.

It’s great to have you here!