Trio + Thad Bailey-Mai at Tyrant Studios

Trio + Thad Bailey-Mai at Tyrant Studios
Photo: Vincent Lim

On Friday, January 27, 2023, my trio with Francis Henson and Carson Tworow played at Tyrant Studios in Vancouver for the venue's Friday Jazz series. We also had a special guest, Thad Bailey-Mai on trumpet, joining the trio for part of the gig.

Daniel Deorksen booked us for this night; Tyrant is located above the historic Penthouse nightclub in downtown Vancouver. The show was the last of our winter album release shows for Maybe Eventually.

Poster: Tilda Armstrong


Set one

  1. "Makie Elkino"
  2. "Don't Miss Me"
  3. "Earthling Terminal" ft. Thad Bailey-Mai
  4. "Nomads" ft. Thad Bailey-Mai
  5. "Little Mylk" ft. Thad Bailey-Mai
  6. "Bridge Deal" ft. Thad Bailey-Mai

Set two

  1. "A Four-Way in the Heart of the West End
  2. "Esh"
  3. "Wintertime In That Pontiac"
  4. "154"
  5. "Maybe Eventually"
  6. "Waltz for John McGann"

We performed a couple tunes for the first time: "Wintertime In That Pontiac" and "Waltz for John McGann". The latter was supposed to appear on our November 25, 2022 Frankie's setlist, but we realized we had prepared too many tunes!

Previously, I played at Tyrant in January 2020, shortly after it got going as a main place in our jazz scene.