Teighan Couch in Vancouver at Tyrant Studios

Teighan Couch in Vancouver at Tyrant Studios
Photo from this event: Daniel Deorksen

On Friday, November 24, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Teighan Couch sang with me, Francis Henson, and Carson Tworow at Tyrant Studios.

Poster for Teighan Couch at Tyrant
Poster: Tilda Hedwig

Earlier this year, we went to Teighan's home base of Nanaimo to play, and now we're excited to have her on our side of the Strait!

Daniel Deorksen booked us for this night; it's my first time at Tyrant in almost a year.

Learn more about Teighan from when I first interviewed her at Rhythm Changes last year:

Teighan Couch, welcome to Vancouver (at 2nd Floor)
Ottawa-born, VIU-studying vocalist plays w/ Sharon Minemoto