Trio at 2nd Floor Gastown: post-album release

Trio at 2nd Floor Gastown: post-album release
Photo: Christina Chow

On Sunday, December 4, 2022, my trio with Francis Henson and Carson Tworow played at 2nd Floor Gastown in Vancouver ($12 cover charge with restaurant reservation) for the evening shows: once at 6:30pm start and again at 8:30pm start.

Bonnie Northgraves booked us for this night; we stretched out and play our chillest tunes, including most of the ones from the new album Maybe Eventually.


  1. "A Four-Way in the Heart of the West End"
  2. "Makie Elkino"
  3. "Earthling Terminal"
  4. "Don't Miss Me"
  5. "Esh"
  6. "Nomads"
  7. "Little Mylk"
  8. "Bridge Deal"

Previously, we launched the trio together at the same venue in September 2020. David Sikula was the venue booker at that time.